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Hi All,

Three quick questions:

1) ECU

- I like the Haltech Elite 1500 ECU's interface. Some local folks think that I'm crazy to not go AEM (I'm in the US.) Any reasons to go AEM instead on my 2004 F22C Honda S2000 platform? I'll be tuning myself.

2) O2 Wideband

- With my current 0-5V analog WB... would the battery negative terminal be MOST reliable grounding spot, what about 2nd most? I'll consider getting the Haltech CAN wb.

3) Knock Sensor

- I'm using the OEM knock sensor... is it resonant aka narrowband? Is there a way to confirm?

- How do I know if it's 2nd harmonic or not?

- Bore size is 87mm. Using 3.142x87, 1800รท273.35= 6.58kHz, correct? Is this the frequency OEM knock sensor operates at?

Many Thanks,


Hi Dmitriy, ECU choice is very much a personal thing and both the AEM Infinity and the Haltech Elite are very capable systems. I'd factor in the cost and ability to get local support into your decision but either would be a good choice.

Most widebands will have a power ground and a sensor ground. The power ground should go to a battery negative or chassis ground point however the sensor ground should connect to a sensor 0V at your ECU. If you go the Haltech route I'd strongly recommend their CAN wideband.

The OEM knock sensor is most likely going to be a narrowband sensor. Your calculation of the base frequency is correct so I'd test at this frequency and then the 2nd harmonic and see which gives you a clearer signal.

Thanks Andre! Very helpful.


Do you plan to use adapter harness with AEM/Haltech? AEM's adapter harness for S2000 comes with pre-wired connectors for additional features like boost control, fuel/oil pressure sensors and AEMNet CAN bus for dashboard/CAN Lambdas. IIRC, Haltech's harnesses don't have additional connectors and you will need to wire additional sensors to ECU's main connector.

Thanks Sergey,

I am leaning more and more towards AEM... but that Plug&Play ME221 ( is looking really good too! It doesn't have a built in Wideband though.

I am starting to lean towards AEM because I can use everything OEM, have a built in Wideband controller, all of the connectors you've mentioned and have AEM fanatics all over USA to help me since that's where I'm located. With all that being said I'm a huge fan of Haltech's GUI and their company in general seems top notch.

I wish AEM Infinity had CAN wideband support but I wonder if at this point the Infinity ECU is aging and Elites are ahead? Hmmm.

The AEM Infinity will work with their X-series wideband connected over the AEMnet (CANbus).