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Safely cause an engine to knock

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I have a high powered 2JZ running on an AEM Infinity, I am about to install new bosch knock sensors and wanted to test different frequencies to get the most accurate knock monitoring settings.

Is it safe to purposely cause the engine to knock on light throttle and do I need to back off immediately after detecting knock?

I guess the simple question is how can I purposely cause my engine to knock in the safest way possible?

You probably will struggle to make the engine knock at light throttle. On that setup I'd try 2500-3000 rpm and 50%-75% throttle. You'll need a little boost but at such low rpm you'll be generating relatively low power so it would be difficult to damage the engine. Damage from knock is relative to the specific power level of the engine and how long the knock is sustained for. While obviously we don't want to sustain knock for longer than absolutely necessary, brief knock at low power is as safe as we can make it, particularly if you have a built engine with forged pistons and rods.