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Sard fuel pressure regulator limits

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Can anyone confirm the flow limit of a genuine SARD@ idle @3bar fuel pressure?

Also if I'm going to a twin intank pump setup is there an issue with the pumps being different sizes when they are both feeding the same rail? I want to keep the pumps as small as possible. Fuel requirement is 470LPH @5.5bar

current fuel set up.

walbro 400lph intank--5/16 feed line--Rail--2200cc injectors--Sard FPR--5/16 return line--tank

Proposed set up

1xwalbro 400lph intank--5/16 feed line

AND Both feeding rail--2200cc injectors--3/8line to Sard FPR--an8 to 12.7mm hardline back to tank

1xwalbro 225lph intank--5/16 feed line

The Sard regulator is too small for what you're wanting to do. The issue is that you're restricted to the 1/8" inlet and outlet which will restrict flow. In rough terms these regs are good to about 500 hp on pump gas. It would work with a single Walbro 255 but not much more. I'd suggest stepping up to something that will support -8 AN fittings for your application.

I also wouldn't suggest fitting two high pressure pumps that are different flow ratings.