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Sbc boosted timing

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Looking to see what everyone’s thoughts are on my ignition timing while under boost, I have done a lot of research and keep going in circles.

setup 414 sbc 10.5:1 compression 110 Sunoco fuel. Two 66mm turbos, water/meth injection. Solid roller cam 300 duration 710 lift 116 lobe separation. Timing controlled by msd power grid and msd pro billet distributor.

Base timing 32* boost timing 1psi -1* 5psi -5* 10psi -10* 20psi -12*

so at 20psi of boost I’m at 20* of timing.

i don’t have access to a dyno, so it’s all

trial and error at the track when I get time.

Well, 110 Sunoco is a high octane leaded fuel but is not a super high octane fuel like VP C-16 or Q-16 which are most commonly used in that type of application (high compression turbo engines) maybe the sunoco fuel could work but I suggest you start testing with a little less boost and less aggressive timing when on boost for example take 1 psi of boost all the way until 20 psi of boost. Anyway I think that testing first with 15 psi of boost and looking at spark plugs if they have sings of detonation is a good idea before ramping up the boost . There are many fuel options including alchols based fuels if you notice that the engine detonate.

For curiosity that cam is 300 advertised duration? it looks like a 8000 rpm peak hp camshaft for a 414 sbc , what cylinder heads are you using?

Sound like a very interesting set up !

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