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SD scaling help!!

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I am attempting to get my WOT part of my tune done. This is 3 bar SD only tune on a 410 LQ9 forced induction F1C blower ID1300 flex fuel setup on a p59 PCM. I have noticed that my spark advance table values are being exceeded. I went back to look at the injector data and the tune has not been scaled. I did not set this file up, but I am no longer working with my tuner. He did tell me that he scaled my tune by 200lb/ft. I could not get him to explain to me what the hell that meant. He did say that my new max should be 1.6 grams now instead of 1.2 grams. He said that if I scaled my ID1300 injectors that to allow for the appropriate head room I would have a bunch of other issues. I have searched around for any other methods to scale a tune without changing the IFR and I did not see anything. I know that this tune was seen 16lbs of boost on the dyno when he was tuning it before we upgraded the pistons. From what I gathered it looks like he scaled something by 25%, if he said that my new max is 1.6. I do understand that the actual values in the spark tables wont change but values represent a reduction by whatever scale factor has been applied. I need to understand what he did or if what he is saying is even possible or do I need to just scaled my tune. I will attach a copy of my tune but what I am trying to figure out is there another method other than scaling the IFR in order to get more head room for my spark tables? While doing my WOT pulls should I be monitoring dynamic air flow instead of cylinder air mass? And if so do I need to adjust the axis in the spark advance and spark retard with dynamic air flow formula to get to grams per cylinder? thanks in advance.

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