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Seasonal Temp Variance

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Hi Guys,

I am facing the below issue in every summer might be the Atmosphere temperature, appreciate your expertise knowledge.

During the winter Atmosphere temperature is 20-25 C whereas an engine IAT is 32-35 C, with good performance.

And when summer comes, it will change to IAT 45-53 C, whereas atmosphere temperature would be 38-45 C. AFR is getting lean, and there is a sound from engine detonation. Eventually engine turns to poor performance. I have retarted 4 degrees in each cells in that area, but still the same.

Why its having seasonal changes.? What would be the issue.?

Please see the attached Log file


Attached Files

What are you tuning with? It sounds like your controller isn't compensating for changes in temperature.

Hi philip, thanks for the feedback, I am tuning with Link mosoon with pump gas 98oct, Hodnad K20 motor

Is it using a hot wire type air meter?

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