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Selecting a new MAP Sensor

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Hi Guys.

I have a Apexi AVCR Boost controller and the map sensor in playing up. Please see following link of MAP sensor.


These Map sensors are expensive, not local (will take a while due to COVID) and quite ugly.

I would like to buy a better quality MAP sensor locally. Could you help selecting a new MAP sensor.

Are all 3bar MAP sensors the same (excluding electrical connection).

I was looking at a Haltech 3 bar MAP Sensor. They are only located 30 minutes away.


Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.

They may be similar, no real way to know unless you've got the profile of the sensor you're trying to replicate. One of the unfortunate parts I've always found when dealing with Japanese packaged products and how insular the components tend to be.

So update.

I found a Japanese calibration chart for the updated sensor. Sadly not the one in my car. Google tells me that are exactly the same, just updated the design. Please see attached calibration chart.

So from what I can understand, if I convert the numbers in the chart bellow.

Old Sensor - 290KPA @ 5v.

I now have to find a sensor that can match these outputs.

The most common sensor I can find in the motorsport community it the Delco GM 3 Bar map sensor.

New Sensor - 300KAP @ 4.9v. This is a difference of 5.5%. I tried googling other sensors and they seem the same outputs.

I have a feeling the previous owner has ran the MAP sensor into the Haltech Ecu as the car isn't running well now. I assume if the MAP sensor was just for the boost controller it would run fine seeing I disconnected the boost solenoid. Obviously just run at a lower boost setting.

Sorry for the long winded question.

If I purchase a new sensor will it matter that is has a difference of 5.5%?

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