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Sensor Configuration in Syvecs

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Newb question probably...

I have a 150C oil temperature sensor bought from Haltech that I can't configure correctly in Syvecs software. Its connected to one of the unipolar inputs.

It gets Voltage Limit and Voltage Failure errors reported.

The sensor calibration that came with it has a range of 3V -30C to 4.1V 150C.

The entries currently in the software are as follows:

Input Configuration: 5V

Default Volt High: 4.9V

Default Volt Low 0.5V

Deafault Sensor Reading: 80C

Filter 90%

Linearisation is set according to the calibration, -30 at 3V and below and 150 at 4.1 V and above, interpolated between.

What am I doing wrong?

Input config needs to be set to thermistor to enable the pull-up.

Thanks Adam, I changed the Input Config to Thermistor but still get the same errors. Maybe I have incorrectly entered the calibration in Linearisation. totally new to Syvecs software.Attached is what the linearisation screen looks like. I don't know why the reference points (the white crosses) from the previous calibration that was in there are still showing now that I have changed it, or whether that is significant.

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Was that screenshot done when connected? Your input is showing 0V. So that is the main problem. Either the sensor is shorted to ground or the pull-up is not on. (I dont know if all inputs have pull-ups in the S7).

The white crosses are linearisation "hints", they wont effect it but you can remove them by going to >linearisation>remove all points. These are normally how you build the calibration curve - effectively tell it to "join the dots", rather than manually typing in the whole table.

Be aware also the calibration is probably wrong - its not causing your problem at the moment but Syvecs use an odd 3Kohm pull-up which is probably different to Haltech.

Thanks Adam. Will look at those issues.