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hi, I'm new here and looking to attempt getting my track car up and running properly before heading to a dyno

I'm using a dta s80 ecu which if I'm honest isn't very user friendly

anyway I have scaled my map sensor with one of the pre calibrated options on the ecu, however I'm unsure how to calibrate the air intake temp sensor, coolant temp sensor and oil pressure sensor

the pre calibrated options on the ecu for these sensors is slim and I have no idea if any match my sensors, how can I scale these sensors correctly?


You should start by determining what sensors you have. Perhaps some pictures if you can't find brands / part numbers on them.

Typically there are only a few types of temperature sensors -- try some of the built-in ones for your ECU -- do the temperatures seem to be about right -- I usually check in the morning when the engine is pretty much the same temperature as the ambient temperature on my wall-mounted thermometer.

A pressure sensor could be a VDO-resistive type, or a solid-state type. The first step to getting an accurate calibration is to figure out the pressure range of the sensor. Often is is marked/stamped on the body of the sensor (or in the case of the VDO-type on the wrench flats below the body).

It's probably worth the effort to remove the sensors so you can examine them carefully in good light.

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