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Sequential flat shift 'ring' on gear change

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Hey guysCar is an awd 600-1000hp wrx 1080kgbig turbo ect ectxshift sequential

Haltech nexus vcuattached is a log of a launch, disregard first gear spin/tramp. this is with the power turned down, it seems to be a little better at higher levels.We have to use injection cut, had too many valve issues in the past with ej engines to risk it

closed loop control with a 30ms additive, currently at 100% injection cut, 12deg retard ramped out over 200ms1. Currently im using 100% cut, is it safe for the engine to reduce this injection cut percentage?2. on the shift we are using injection cut, with ign retard and ramp back in, however the RPM still 'rings' up and down quite a bit after the shift. Any ?ideas on improving this?Thankyou

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I am NOT, by any means, an expert, but that looks a lot like it's being driven by axle tramp, suspension deflection, and/or the engine moving on it's mounts?

Do you have a log of the changes in the higher gears, where some of that will be reduced or eliminated?

Ringing is caused by re-introducing the torque too quickly. You have the ramp out set to retard only and with only 12deg retard you are barely reducing the torque at all during recovery. Either increase that retard a lot (say 50deg or more) or ramp the cut out at the same time. Fuel cut gives a pretty crap gearshift in my experience so it will likely never be seemless.

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