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Setting base timing help!!!!

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I’m using a ecu master on a 3sgte 4th gen from a 2002 st215 caldina I cant seem to get the timing on the engine lock to 0 using the timing light set to 0 while cranking its moving away from the 0 degree mark ,do I have something set up wrong ? The trigger wheel is a 36-3 1 home on th cam shaft

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I haven't set the base timing on an ECU Master ecu, but the first thing I noticed is that your post says you're using a 36-3 trigger wheel, but your software picture shows you've configured your setup as a 36-2?

Sorry mistake yes it a 36-2

On your image there, you don't have the 'ignition angle locked' value ticked. Have you had that ticked when you've been trying to set the base timing?

Yes that’s an old image I got some setting I was recommend to try

were did you hook up your inductive clamp?

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