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This has been a struggle for me for some time now ... as I have watchEd Andre’s webinar on the elite knock control setup And setting the frequency based on the spectrograph witch has made even more confusion for me As he was not specific enough on what knock actually is on the graph ..... I have an SR20DET with a 86mm bore , should I be using a base frequency of 6,700Hz because it’s an early model engine with an older knock sensor or should I double the frequency to make it 13,400hz? ..I have tried to run the spectrograph test and get a LOT of red in The graph at all levels of hertz .. as in the webinar he decided to up the frequency to 14,000hz instead of 12,000 ..when the graph was running there was also red above the level of 14,000hz. How did he determine 14khz ... I really wish someone can take the time to explain this to me in a better fashion so I can properly set this up on my car .... I’m also using ONE Ethanol R fuel in my car and the graph says it’s knock heaven based on Andre’s webinar ... I’m having tons of recorded knock without any signs of knock on the spark plugs and the engine is still in 1 piece .. a bore scope showed no visible signs of piston damage or knock either .. the first person to help me get this right is going to get a PayPal bonus lol

hello first thing first buy a new sensor and get back to 6khz down load the link software and hit the help button in the software there is a great write up there on reading knock and setting up knock

if there is anything after this you need to know i will gladly help you

Regards Ross

Ross , are you referring to the Link ecu software ? I ordered a new knock sensor to replace the one on the car , soon as I replace it I will try again .. thanks for the reply