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setting up a base map

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hey guys, i am completely new to the tuning scene, i have never done anything like this before. my goal is to make a tune safe enough for me to drive it to the closest dyno tuners which is a 4 hour drive. i currently have a 1990 300zx z32, at the moment it is NA but I'm in the beginning of making it a NA+T setup. but for now I trying to tune it NA. I have the g4x N300x plug and play ecu. it has a z32 twin turbo base map but they have obvious differences in the maps. I don't understand how to configure the master fuel and that type of stuff, it has the factory 275cc injectors, I have connected the map sensor but not yet a iat sensor. can someone help me work out a start up tune. on a side note i can connect my pc to the factory ecu and have it running, is there a way for the link software to read it and copy that? if so that would make it easy. cheers, Jack.

hello Jack you should be able to use the triggering from the supra map and in traditional fuel mode lower the master fuel to approx 9 to start it post your map here and see if i can help you out

Regards Ross


First of all +1 on the 300zx. Epic car.

Im kinda in the same boat with my GTO. (91 Mitsubishi).

Could you maybe post a photo of the fuel map. After batteling and getting my car started (sort of) and seeing myself as a novice tuner also i can help you work through things step by step. Im currently rewarching the "how the ECU works" section in EFI tuning fundementals again to recap. It has good content in that section.

Also do post up when you got it running.

hey guys, im away for work at the moment but this is a map i made but havent had the chance to try it, hopefully this works as a zip file as it wouldnt let me post it any other way but feel free to have a look and tell me what i should change or have a play yourself. i will be with the car on the weekend to give it a go, cheers

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I have done what you said Ross, I replaced the trigger setups with the supra and put the master fuel to 9ms, is that correct

Ps. I have a conzult cable so I can read the stock ecu, is there anyway for the link software to read and copy this? Or another software that can? I can also do that If you wanted to see what the stock one does


Im not sure Ross has given the right advice originally above, im not sure why supra trigger settings were suggested, this is not correct as far as I know.

Although I don't know the NA Z32 very well our base map should be mostly pretty close. The trigger setup I would expect to use Nissan 360 opto mode assuming it has a CAS and individual coils. Offset will likely be around -85 although it varies a lot on Nissans. You will need to check the base timing with a timing light. The master fuel with 275cc injectors will need to be much higher - something like 25ms is my guess.

In other words, use our 300ZX basemap, the only thing you should need to change is set the trigger offset and increase the master fuel.

Sorry as Adam has stated I have totally misread your question for as I was also replying to another question about a 2jz conversion into the same car. My deepest apologies

Hey guys! Great news! I set the fuel to 20ms and checked timing, turns out it was -80.0° out and I just got it to run and idle and is the link self tune any good?

good news

Hey guys, went for a quick drive today, running rich at around 12 to 13 on the afr. But also any idea why my tps does this? I'm holding the pedal still and it fluctuates

Your erratic TPS would mostly likely be a worn sensor considering it is 30 years old. But if you attach a log I will check the 5v output and voltage reported on the input pin to confirm those back that guess up.

hopefully this shows what is going on, i have noticed its around 20% and it drops to 0% or 9%. full throttle is good and above 50% is good cheers

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