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Setting up fuel usage calcs G4X (traditional mode)

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Hi Team

Im nerding out on some the data features of my car (Ek civic with B18CR and a link monsoon x)

im wanting to setup the fuel usage calculations so i can transmit these to my can dash (powertune) to show fuel remaining data.

i think i have the jist of it but am stuck on what number are expected in this table? is this the injector flow at the fuel pressures stated?

i cant find much about doing this on the net, especially with traditional fuelling. i believe it can be done and am probably over thinking it but this table has me stumped.

i have the components setup to do this already, fuel pressure sensor, switches wired up to DI inputs for the fuel added and reset accumulated usage.

can someone let me know im on the right track? or if there is a walk through to do this that i havent seen, a link would be appreciated.


I use the Link virtual fuel tank to display fuel remaining on Motec digital dash so I am familiar, but I really suggest using the modeled fuel with FP Sensor active compensation for many reasons. You'll have more consistent and accurate fueling, your main fuel table becomes VE which is a useful metric for engine system evaluation and diagnosis, you can swap out injectors and quickly just change injector data and go, etc.

The fuel used function working without setup beyond tank size will be one of the side benefits.

Hopefully you're using ID injectors, since proper injector characterization data is key to the accuracy of the fuel used calculation.

If you hit F1 on pretty much any setting or function you will usually get a pretty reasonable explanation of how it works. Example below for the table you are querying.

Hi Team, I managed to work this out to operate, though the usage numbers seem way off. i've semi abandoned the idea as i've found the powertune dash cannot display the output data any way...

Keen to have it figured out if anyone is keen to help work through the issues but at this stage i have parked the idea.

Editted - My tuner cant help as he's never dealt with this function before and isnt that interested in figuring it out. Probably for good reason though he also advised not going to modelled unless running e85 (which is getting really hard to purchase in my country anyway)

Attach your config and some info about your injectors, fuel pressure etc, as well as how you want to reset fuel used and how you want to set fuel filled and I can set up the basics. I cant help much with the dash config as I think you can only do that on the screen but Im pretty sure the powertune has the capability for some custom channels. I do know it has a fuel level channel that can be received from the ecu so that could possibly be used depending how you want it to work.


Modeled fueling is the better option whether you're running the same fuel all the time or not, for the reasons I mentioned, but you can certainly make a car run on the legacy traditional model.

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