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Hi all.

I am about to tune an engine that has a platinum 1500 sport ecu put on. It is not a car engine, it is in fact a Yamaha snowmobile engine. In the haltech, I have options of how the trigger is set up, but I cannot find any information. Could someone help me get a procedure down as to how to properly set up the trigger and match the actual timing to the ecu?


You're almost certainly going to need to know what the trigger pattern of the engine is, as well as the type of sensors used before going any further. Do you have this information?

It has 12 tooth trigger wheel, no missing teeth. It has a crank position and a cam position sensor. I have it set into multitooth general but I do not know how to find crank angle or tooth offset properly. How do I relate tooth offset to the cam position sensor?


Which ECU do you have? There is no 1500 type in Platinum series. Platinum series is 500, 1000, 2000. Elite series is 1500, 2500. If you have the Platinum series the procedure is:

Make appropriate settings in trigger setup page

Disable injectors

Lock ignition timing on that value, you have visible marked on engine block near crankshaft pulley

Make trigger angle = 60 degrees, tooth offset = 1

Use a timing light with first cylinder spark plug wire and try to crank the engine

Adjust Tooth offset in order you can see mark on the pulley as nearer as possible to the mark on the engine block that the timing angle you have locked on ( in case of 12 teeth trigger on the crank you have 30 degrees of crank rotation difference in timing per 1 tooth offset unit change)

Fine adjust the trigger angle parameter in order marks are matched

In general the Tooth offset and Trigger angle are 1 parameter that have been divided in to 2 parameters artifically

The procedure with Elite ECU is slightly different

... yeah, what he said!

GRaF you are correct, I meant Sport 1000. I read this method from the Haltech forums, I was going to try it, then I found the root of the issue: The camshaft position Sensor is bad, so to me, this means that the ECU cannot find the home position and is not sparking at all.

Looks like I need to solve this problem first, then try the timing light trick.

Thanks everyone, I think I can nail the process down now!

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