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Setting up UEGO over Can Bus

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Okay, I usually avoid posting on here but i've searched far and wide and haven't found a solution. I'm trying to run my x-series uego wbo over can bus into an emu black. I've never used can bus before, but positive i've wired it correctly. Have my can hi and can lo wired together, and 120ohm resistor on one end and the emu black has the internal resistor on the other. I've set the speed to 500kbps and the sensor type to external controller, but i still get no activity on the ecu side, guage side works fine. After searching i think i need to setup a user defined can stream? The uego instructions have all the data but unsure how to actually set it up. Are there any quick tutorials on how to do this?

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I think you should work with your EMU dealer (or directly with EMU) for that support. Provide them with the AEM documentation and they should either provide what you need, or tell you what it will cost to create it for you.

I've added support for the AEM X-series wideband controllers in several MoTeC products (for my customers), so all the info needed is in the AEM documentation.

I'll try getting in touch with them, thank you.

Alright, I've emailed the distributor I purchased the EMU from, the manufacturer, and a few local shops. Haven't found a bit of help anywhere. So back to square one. If anyone is willing to teach how to program can-bus messages I would greatly appreciate it.

I have downloaded the EMUBlack software, and see how you would go about getting the data over the CAN bus. Unfortunately, they want to treat the CAN inputs as analog voltages, and then don't provide sufficient information on what CAN values will produce the equivalent of 0V and 5V. Also, they don't let you provide direct Lambda values (which would be easy), they want the translation of AFR for a 5V signal.

So that is the first question of EMU -- what are the values for CAN Analog#1 that are the equivalent of 0V and 5V?

BTW -- it looks like it would be far easier to just directly wire an LSU 4.9 sensor, since the ECU has a built-in wideband controller. I would not be surprised if they suggest that. The Help for the "Sensor Setup Oxygen Sensor" window has a drawing with the pinouts shown.

I am attaching a picture of the User Defined CAN that I created for the first 3 fields from the AEM X-series wideband. CAN Analog#1 would be Lambda x 10 (or maybe times 100), so Lambda 1.0 would show as 10.0. CAN Analog#1 would be 10x % oxygen, and CAN Analog#3 would be AEM Battery Voltage.

You might try setting that up, make sure the CAN, Serial - CAN windows has the CAN Bus Speed to 500 Kbps to match the normal AEM 30-0310 (set it to 1 Mbps if you are using the 30-0310N version).

Sorry your dealers suck at support. It's hard, but part of the job.

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What are you trying to achieve? The emu black has a built in wide band controller, so you can connect a sensor direct to the ECU without anything extra.

As David has correctly stated, that ECU cant take a CAN lambda input, the only thing you could do is bring it in is as a generic CAN analog volt channel but you wont be able to do any common Lambda functions with it such as closed loop or auto tune etc.

I was trying to set it up for closed loop. I've never done can-bus before, didn't know you wouldn't be able to do that. Wanted to get the signal from the guage, but that isn't the end of the world. Just going to save myself the headache and wire the sensor straight to the ecu. Thank you both for your help.

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