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Setting up v6 holden GM sensor for trigger/home haltech 2000

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Hi guys so I'm in the process of wiring up a haltech sport 2000,

Now my home and sync loom comes already pre shielded my question is

The 2 looms consist of 12v +ve,

though the sensors in my wiring diagram for the holden commodore show it having 5v +ve.

Should I swap the 12v wire in the loom for one of the spare avi 5v wires?

Also how do I go about setting up the trigger angle if anyone has already set it up for a holden v6 as I'm changing from batch fire to sequential ls1 coil per cylinder.

The crank angle sensor has a 3x signal or 18x signal am I safe to say i would connect to the 18x signal and sync connected via cam sensor.?

Any help much appreciated

Cheers Steve.

Not sure what hPpend to your post Andre,

Sorry I didn't clarify I'm running a s2 buick/pre ecotec

And to your question in regards to ecu change, unfortunately I'm chasing every bit of power and want it to be as reliable as possible so I have gone coil per cylinder and sequential injection which the sport GM doesnt.

I plan to setup a nitrous kit to bring it on boost quicker on the transbrake also which Is why I didn't wanna bother going delco and not knowing a tuner local that would do delco tunes made the descision easier.

Hi Steve,

I passed your triggering question on to Scott at Haltech and he had the following to say:

'If you are planning on removing the factory DFI and wiring directly to the crank and cam sensors I recommend using the single pulse cam (Home+) and the 18x (Trigger+) crank sensor.

Both the crank and cam sensors are powered with 5v, you could certainly adjust your shielded Trigger and Home wires at the ECU end to supply 5v down to the sensors instead of the 12v that is supplied in the Haltech loom.

The Trigger setup page in the software would be setup as per the attached screen shot.

The trigger angle and tooth offset will need to be adjusted using a timing light to synchronise the ECU with the engine.

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Thanks heaps for that Andre,

That's great info

Cheers again

I'll be sure to thank Matt aswell.

Didnt realise it was scott that you spoke with opps..

So for future reference i managed to get the car to start and run using

-multitooth general

-trigger angle (50.0)

-tooth offset 32

-number of teeth 36

After headaches of the car struggleing to start and misfiring i spoke to matt @haltech and we were able to fire it up straight away.