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Shopping for my next dyno, Suggestions Please

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I run a motorcycle shop but we are looking to get back into cars and run a separate DBA under one roof. I currently have a Dynojet Motorcycle/ATV dyno with Eddy brake but want to get something dual purpose, but don't want to spend $50k on something huge. I looked at a Dynocom 5000 but a good tuner friend said he always had a problem with high power bikes wanting to climb up the front roller during tuning.

Any suggestions? 2WD is all I need, just something I can tune cars/motorcycles/side by sides on. Real time data and if possible torque by wheel speed would be great.


I've used a range of dynos and I'm incredibly happy with our Mainline. I believe the 2WD600L we have is priced around $45-50k AUD in base form so would likely fit your budget. I haven't run a motorbike on our dyno so can't comment on how well that would work. The guys at Mainline could advise though.

I can't comment on Dynocom as I've never used one but Mainline is head and shoulders above Dynojet imho. The only thing I'll add is that the Mainline does read low compared to Dynojet so if you've got a customer who is looking for a big number to brag about, this might not work in your favor.

Actually, people consider my dyno pretty stingy, which I prefer because it just makes "low power bikes" beat supposedly higher power bikes no problem lol.

I have a few friends with Mainlines. I'm sure if I call mainline they will say the same as dynocom- "It will work great!!", when in reality it doesn't lol. But I will pick their brains and see what they say, thanks.

There's probably a reason why Mainine make and sell a motorbike-specific dyno I guess. I've never tried running a bike on a car dyno so can't comment on the issues it may present sorry.

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