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Short Pulse Wide Adder on Motec hundred series ECU

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I haven't found a possibility to integrate a Short pulse wide adder on the Motec hundred series.

Has anyone found a solution for that?


The Mx00 ECUs don't offer a short pulse width adder table by default, however since the ECU is very flexible you can make your own using one of the generic fuel compensations such as 'Fuel Comp 1'.

Just set the x axis to fuel pulse width and set the break points to suit the break points for the data you have. The only trick here is that the ECU uses applies a percentage compensation as opposed to a pulse width offset so you'll need to express the short pulse width adder value as a percentage.

Hi Andre

Thanks for answer. I already tried that, but hadn't success.

There is no axis option for Injector Pulse Wide.

Under the main settting, just Load-Z(4D) can be set as Pulswide. Load-Z(4D) is just for Ignition, not fuel.

There came another question up.

Do the Boost comp tables (iat, ET etc.) modifiy just the normal postion (WGDC) or the boost aim?

Unfortunately I can not set up Normal position axis for Aim boost as I usually do on LINK ECU's. So ECU has always the right normal position, also if aim boost is modified by a boost comp table or a driver Pot Switch.

It's really some kind of hate/love story with the Motec stuff.

I've attached a couple of screenshots to help guide you. Start with the Fuel Comp 1 table as shown. You have to click the 'Show non-sensor channels' box and then you'll be able to see a number of channels relating to injector pulse width. 'Fuel Effective Pulse width' is the amount of time the injector is open while 'Fuel Actual Pulse Width' is 'Fuel Effective Pulse Width' + 'Battery Compensation'. So in this instance if you have short pulse width adder data then you want to use the Effective Pulse Width channel as your axis.

You've got the same situation happening with your Boost Normal Position table - Click the little 'Show non-sensor channels' box and you can select Boost Aim as the Y-axis :)

Attached Files

Hi many thanks Andre for the help. I missed this tickbox.

There came some more questions up.

- Are there no boost PID parameters which can be logged? Integratl, proportional correction amount?

- Are the boost compensation tables (iat, et, comp 1 etc.) compensating target boost or just WGDC in closed loop operation?

- I pull logs on the C125 dash to tune the m400. Unfortunately I'missing some paramers that are not transmitted to the dash. Do I need to.purchase ECU Logging upgrade and use the ECU logging to get all the parameters logged, that I want. Or is there another possibility?

- Can parameters from the C125 be sent over CAN to the ECU? I have connected whel speed sensors to the dash and want use vehicle speed as an axis for a compensation table.


Hi Adrian,

- No, the boost PID values are not able to be logged in the Mx00

- The Trim is a plus or minus PERCENTAGE applied to the base Boost Limit

control value.

- You can create Custom Data Sets for the CAN that will allow for more channels to be transmitted to the Dash.

- Yes they can be, you select the ADL channels in the Inputs selection.


thanks for answering.

I read that also about boost. But what is the base boost limit control value? haven't found this value in logging.

The Trims modify the Boost Aim Main value, they are also accumulative, so if you have a multi position switch and have set the switch to 80% of your Boost Aim, and then the Coolant Temp trim comes into effect of 40%, then it will calculate an end aim value of 40% of the 80%, not the Boost aim Value.

Ok that clearifing alot. Motec should really document the software better.

Is there a parameter which shows final outputed aim boost after all the correction?

- is ther a way to wach the CAN channels which the ECU receives from the C125? I want to get sure that the format is right and the compensation table, where i use the CAN channel as an axis, does work properly.

One of the reasons for going to the M1 was that a rebuild of the Manager allowed for greater data to be inserted into the Help system.

The Boost Aim and Boost Overall Trim values are going to be the two main channels to look at for this data.

Other than setting up the channels and reading the data displayed compared to the data sent, no, you can't read the CAN Data received in the M800.

In the MoTeC Utilities package, there is a CAN Inspector tool, that uses the UTC to capture the data being sent. You do need to understand how to interpret CAN data to use this system, as it is primarily a diagnostic tool for MoTeC Support to use. You can also use some of the CAN inspector tools talked about in this topic.


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