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Siemens Deka 212 lb/hr Injector Data

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I am trying to get the correct Injector Battery Offset data, as well as the Short Pulse Width Adder information in tabular form for Siemens Deka 212 lb/hr Injectors to input into Vipec V88. I found injector data on their website but its in graph form and is difficult to accurately determine (http://www.usa.vdo.com/generator/www/us/en/vdo/main/hidden/downloads/racing_fuel_injectors/FI114212/flc_FI114212_en.pdf?redirect=false).

I contacted the USA Distributor with no luck. They said Siemens Deka does not supply much info on their injectors and recommend that I contact the tuning software company, or look on forums for the required information. I contacted Link but they said they cannot assist. Anyone has this info and if so would be so kind as to share it with me : )

Are you sure it's a V88 you've got as the short pulse width adder wasn't added into the 'V series', it was only after the 'I series' was released and they done the version 5 firmware update.

You will likely need to send your injectors away to get them characterised to obtain the information your after.

While in the perfect world it's great to have the right data for our injectors, if you don't have short pulse width adder data then just leave that table set to zero. In this way it will respond no different to the earlier Link product without that feature, or the scores of ECUs on the market that don't even account for this. The end result is that you will account for this inaccuracy manually in the fuel table values. It's honestly not the end of the world.

I can understand not being able to find short pulse width adder data but dead time/latency shouldn't be too hard?

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