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Single or Twin Wideband RB26DETT

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Hi there

I own a Stagea 260RS RB26DET (basically a R33 GTR). Its running a Haltech Platinum Pro Plug and Play.

I want to convert this setup to have a wideband.

Question: Should I ditch the factory narrow bands? Buy a dual wideband controller and set it all up. I want to primarily road tune this. Or should I buy a single wideband, weld a bung into the exhaust further down the line. This second option seems a little backwards to me but this has been the way suggested.

ditch that factory narrow band and one wideband will be enough

If you're running dual turbo's, I'd run two sensors, one for each, as that will give you more accuracy in averaging out the fuelling and may help isolate problems. If running a large single there's no point in running two.

The other thing is budget, both purchasing and fitting them if you need to add bungs, if there's a single OEM lambda you can save fitting and buying costs.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

I should of clarified that I am still running the twin turbos however they have been upgraded to much larger Nismo turbos.

If I run a single, I will have to weld a bung and block the factory o2 ports on the 2x dump pipes on the turbos.

If I run dual wideband, I can just remove the factory o2 sensors and replace them with the widebands.

I am leaning towards the dual wideband setup for easy of installation and possibly diagnostic reasons.

Ah, that may even be cheaper, as much of the work is already done. Before purchasing a controller, check to see it is supports dual lambdas as there is a decent chance it does. However, even if it does, there may be a pin/wiring issue that will need updating.

As you're running a Haltech I'd recommend getting rid of the factory narrow band sensors if the functionality allows. Regarding wide band sensors since both turbos will be feeding a singe, common plenum chamber the air distribution should be relatively even across all cylinders (in theoryu of the plenum has been designed right) so just 1 wide band down stream of the tubos will be sufficient, 2 wide band sensors will be just duplicate data and is something more commonly used on V engines. Measuring individual EGT's would be a good sanity check. The real benefit of multiple wide band sensors only becomes apparent when individual cylinder trims are used with a lambda sensor for each cylinder.

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