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Skyline r34 gt auto with piggyback ecumaster classic ecu

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Hello, i have a customer with a r34 gt automatic that i have to put a turbo on and wire in a ecumaster classic ecu.

the problem is that the tranmission is controlled by the engine ecu aswell so i cant completely remove it.

my idea was to piggyback the standalone ecu alongside the oem ecu to control ign and spark via the standalone and stil have the trans shift correctly via the oem ecu.

to do this though i have to split some signals to both ecu's like tps and engine rpm, is it possible to do this without messing with the signal? tps 0-5v so i think it should work but im not sure about the nissan optical cam sensor??

Any tips or info?

The problem with splitting signal is to match the impedance. If you split the TPS signal you won't have full voltage at both output. You need a small circuit for impedance matching.

For example I use an OP AMP set as a voltage follower to split the TPS signal between the ATTESA controller and the ECU on a R32 GTR.

I don't really have better solution for you, but I hope it helps. I'm sure someone else will chime in to help you :)

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