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Slant six Sniper EFI turbo non-intercooled inlet ait temp

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Hi all,

I have a 1964 Valiant AP5 with a turbo charged slant six running a 4 barrel Holley Sniper blow through system.

The car currently has no intercooler and I am wanting to know what can be considered safe and unsafe inlet air temperatures when the car is on boost. It makes 5psi and the inlet temps are usually between 135F and 145F.

It drives great, makes no bad noises and the plugs look fine. Timing is ICE ignition that is controlled by the Sniper and is 20° in all areas of boost.

I am not worried about it, mainly wanting to know if there is a point where I should be concerned.


What fuel are you using? I expect you should be fine, especially if running E85.

There are several blown 225's on YT, they might give you some ideas?

I am using pump 98, I should have included that in the initial post.

I plan on changing to flex fuel in the future. That will be done once I install the Haltech Elite 2500 I have for the car.

Cheers Gord, I will have a look on YouTube and see what I can find.

In my experience that's pretty cool for non intercooled.

I haven't used your engine, or combination, I do use Snipers and have one on one of my cars currently...

However, I had a non intercooler Nissan 2.8L I6 for a while, simple because when I added the turbo, I didn't have time to get the intercooler fabbed up, and so I ran it non intercooled for a bit. I think I went as high as 10 PSIG, non intercooled, but would run around 7 to 8 PSIG most of the time. I would see intake temps hotter than coolant temp, as in 180 to 200 degrees. I was running 91 octane fuel, because it's the highest that is available basically everywhere here, though 94 is available from certain stations. I did have to be pretty conservative with timing.

Once I added the intercooler I was able to get within a couple degrees of ambient, changing nothing else (I did have the boost piping run out through the front where the intercooler would eventually sit...). I also had to add something like 20 or 25% more fuel, because it went so lean after the intercooler install, and made plenty more power.

Thank you Chris, that puts my mind at ease a bit.

When I did the conversion to celsius temperature I realised that it really isn’t that hot. My concern mainly came from inexperience.

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