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Smallest possible injectors (physical size) 400 - 500 cc range ?

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Hello friends

I am searching for physically small dimensioned injectors (400 - 500 cc flow) for a stealth EFI conversion of a INDY V8 motor.

Can anyone recommend where to look?

Thanks in advance,


Something like these? https://www.efihardware.com/products/642/injector-646cc-14mm-S631273.0H-short

Thank you Gord. Very useful link indeed.

Just had a thought - because of the packaging constraints, would motorcycle injectors be physically smaller?

I would assume the very high end motorsport ones, used in applications like F1, would also be relatively small, but most of that stuff is $$$$!

Hi Gord, Motorbike injectors have also crossed my mind, will dwelve deeper into that.


There isn't a lot of forward development on port injectors in the OEM world, all of the development is towards DI and EV. Most high level Motorsports engine will use DI now.