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Smokey exhaust on 98 with some injectors

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Tuning with some bosch 1650cc injectors on a 2jz vvti bigger cams etc. Seems extremely smokey/sooty even at lean AFR’s under load. Have tried a variety of injection timing angles but not curing it.

have seen this with some ID 1050x and changing to 1150cc bosch Cured it at the same AFR.

would like to know why and how to rectify without changing the injector.

droplet size/atomisation is my thought.

your bang on the money with your thoughts Jez

its a common issue i see also

Regards Ross

Bugger. Not alot of options for decent large injectors for flex tuning. This car ended up making 611kw on E85 at 33psi. But also needs to idle and work on 98

id injectors work a treat

Id injector 1050x is the first one i found to be smokey, changing to bosch 1150c rectified that one.

the only time ive had a issue with id injectors is if they are wither to big or dirty but at that power you using nearly all of the injector

and im sure you have cleaned them

i had a great one the other day where the customer had fitted filter buckets in the adaptor and injector and another customer that pushed the filter hard to the bottom of the id injector both caused a head ache to find but also a good box of beer from the owners

Brand new injectors. Just installed as the old bosch 2200’s needed 30% more flow on one injector to make it idle and drive smoothly. Flow test was fine but was no good at lower opening. had 10% difference until i removed the baskets and then 3% after. But still had the issue and it followed the injector when moved.

yes they are at 80% on E72 at 611kw 11.5afr with 50psi base pressure

i dont have a fix for you off the top of my head mate sorry