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Solution to Infiniti 7speed Trans change Delay

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Am having an infiniti with 7 speed Transmission, the issue with this trans that it has a software delay time, once I change gears it takes time to understand that it should change.

Am assuming it is delay time due to a software, it seems it goes to the ECU then confirm it is ok to change then it is send to trans TCM to change.

what do you think I can do to make it faster respond, to make hard wiring to TCM is it an option ( forgive my lack of knowldge)

Or shall I have to change ECU from OEM to Haltech / Motech would it help?


What is the vehicle? What mode are you in? It sounds like you are driving, you hit the accelerator pedal to wide open throttle, and you are waiting for downshift?

It is an infiniti fx35 2009 with auto trans 7 speed.

Driving on manual mode, acclerating and changing gear to the next but it takes time to respond, as if there is software delay

A lot of those delays are built into the transmission calibration to keep the clutches from heating up.

That's pretty typical with almost any true automatic transmission. It sounds like you're trying to compare an automatic transmission to a DCT style transmission. You won't get the instant and sharp gear shifts in an auto although if you have an ability to reflash/reprogram the TCM then you can certainly improve the situation.

Thanks Andre,

yeah I heared there is a reflash but unfortunately our infiniti agency in the region they dont have it, but I know ppl in the US did it and it help a littile but not that much.

Am not comparing it to a DCT, actually am comparing it to other auto trans for car I drove.

Regarding a DCT, is it possible to fit a GTR DCT trans to my infiniti and have it work ? What modfication that I need to do to have it work?

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