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Hello Guys,

Exploring HP Academy and purchasing the VIP Package with the Hope i will have a solid Team that will take care of the customers is what i thought. Well, i can say that the courses offered here are pretty good, thanks Andre. What i honestly dont like is the way the Forum works. I was reading a lot of posts because i had the same questions that other had and used the search for that. Turns out that a lot of questions are not even answered, though they are pretty simple or related directly to the Tuning Principles teached in all courses. I would expect from an "Academy" having at least some kind of response from their teachers/professor to all questions but not leaving them in the dark and trying to figure it out on their own. If you want to have a better reputation and myself recommending this Forum/HPA/Courses to my customers, friends and overall trying to make some advertisement for you, you should be eager to attract as much people as you can. I know Andre is making a great job with his Youtube channel and all the podcasts but i would like to hear some solid answers and recommendations for peoples questions and issues posted here in the forum.

Another feedback from myself to the courses overall. Main reason to not purchase the courses for me was the fact that you guys literally only work or show examples for asian/us market vehicles. There are a lot of european, especially german cars that are waiting to be tuned and i know that a lot of guys are eager to learn more about tuning these cars, and i am pretty sure you are aware that their Bosch ECUs are a heck of complicated system and not easy to tune. What i would like to see is some courses for WinOLS (since its the most used program to tune these cars) and overall explanation of these EDC ECUs with their operating logic. With having these courses in your portfolio i am almost 100% sure, that your customer base will grow rapidly.

Afaik WinOLS course is in the making.

In the meantime for you:


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