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In the latest email that I received was a quick blurb on SR20VE engine you have installed into the GT86. This motor is of particular interest to me as I’m building one to put into an old Datsun roadster (NA w/ITBs).

In the article you mention the choice to use Mazworxs 60-2 Crank Trigger. I was wondering if you could delve into your reasoning for choosing this method of positioning information over say a hall sensor mounted to the camshaft (eg TAARKs)? Would there ever be a reason to use both? Is one method preferred for certain applications over others?

Hi John the crank trigger method is the preferred way to trigger any engine as it is the most precise the higher the tooth count is the better resolution for the ecu, a cam sensor is still needed to tell the ecu which stroke the engine is on

Regards Ross