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Spark plug gap on the larger end, any gains to be expected?

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Following up on Andre's webinar on plugs, I am curious to hear if there are positive effects to be expected by running larger gaps.

Provided the spark energy is sufficient to not run into a misfire situation, should we opt to gap at the widest side ?

Thanks for sharing your opinions


I think I covered this within the webinar. My own experience has been that I've yet to see a gain in power from a larger plug gap. Theoretically there is some potential for improvement but this just isn't something I've seen on the dyno. I wouldn't however say that my testing has been extensive so I can't state with certainty that it won't show improvements on some engines.

The flip side however is that any gain that you may see would be instantly eliminated if you have a misfire due to that wider plug gap under high load. The key really is to test and see what works. While I'm an advocate for reasonably tight plug gaps, I wouldn't do so needlessly - You need to experiment and find how tight you need to gap your plugs to eliminate misifres in your particular engine and work around this point.

Thank you Andre !