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Spark plug reading/opinion please

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Hey everyone, just wanted to get some insights and see what these plugs say. AFRs were pretty decent, a little rich on some pulls, especially when TC was pulling 14° before correcting that.

10:1 LS, 94mm turbo, pump ethanol

Plugs were gapped to .20

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If you're trying to read plugs to need to start with new plugs before a pull and remove them with as little idle and drive time as possible, IMO these have too many miles on them to get any real read

Oooh I thought you wanted to have done a WOT with them as well. These were put in before the dyno session and now checking them after

The disccoloration of the ground- electrode almost reaches the body of the spark plug. Personally, I would like to see it a bit higher up, hence one, or two, range colder for a test.

If you are trying to read plugs at a dyno you should have the car at full operational temperature and ready to do a pull, swap in fresh plugs, carry out a full WOT pull and then shut the engine off and pull the plugs.

Could you give us some information on the engine/fuel/ tune? and which plugs you're using

10:1 LS

FT550 system

Lambda read at .83

FIC2200, pump e85 (approx. 82%)

NGK 2669 BKR9EIX gapped to 0.20 / OE GM coilpacks

Only went up to 16° and 17psi. Stopped adding timing because car was spinning on the dyno and didn't have anything to help weigh it down

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