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SR16VE N1 with aftermarket ECU

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Hey guys,

Has anyone ran a SR16VE N1 with an aftermarket ECU?

This engine comes with 8 injectors. Wanting to know if it's is 100% necessary to run it with 8 using staged injection or can we get away with running 4 since we're using stand alone management.

I don't think it would be a problem to run this engine with 4 injectors without the stage injection. Injector technology is way much better nowadays!

Aftermarket ecu's - a friend of mine ran his sr16ve n1 on a link g4 ecu quite happily - cant remember if he ran staged or not or what size the factory injectors were sorry :\ it was "a while ago"

You could get a daughter board for the n1 ecu to keep it looking factory - but even with a good emulator - there was something screwy going on inside the ecu and you couldn't realtime tune it - it needed a key cycle before it would pick up any changes you made on the emulator - sorta like it cached the tables into some internal ram and used them without reloading them :\ royal p.i.t.a.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I'm going to try running it traditionally with only 4 injectors and see the results before going through the trouble of wiring in 4 more injectors

Hi Christopher, apologies for the slow reply, I've just been away for a few days. I don't personally think the juice will be worth the squeeze running staged injection for this application. The gains (if any) will be small enough to make the whole exercise a little hard to justify financially. I'd stick to 4 appropriately sized EV14 based injectors and be happy. This ultimately isn't a complex engine so the ECU choice is wide open. Link G4+/G4X, haltech Elite, Maxx ECU, or ECU Master EMU Black would all be very good options for this build. Really it then comes down to budget and preference as to which direction you go. Consequently any of those ECUs will support staged injection if you did want to go that path.

Hi Andre, thank you for the response. Noted on all you said, just a couple follow up questions

1.) If I were to run the staged injection, would phasing the primaries out and phasing the secondary's in as RPM climbs to redline be the preferred method?

2.) Do you think there'd be gains to be had if I were to run staged injection in the manner above, then using something like ID1050x for the secondary giving myself more window to move the injection timing event around?

3.) Have you heard of trigger error issues on these nissan engines when using the OEM sensors on an aftermarket ECU? I have heard locally that using a trigger wheel with less tooth count helps keep away trigger errors at high RPM on these engines...any truth to that?


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