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SR20 Ignition Coil Wiring

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Wiring my first ECU up from scratch on my Silvia (Motec M84), and not sure about correct coil wiring and if I must use an igniter.

Engine is SR20DET and I have new S15 OEM coils. And if I need an igniter what one should I get?

Is there any way to just look at a coil and tell if it needs an igniter for future reference?

Any help is appreciated!

The s13 and s14 use externally ignited coils, the s15 however, as luck would have it, has an integrated igniter.

There are 3 pins, one is ignition power, one is ground, one is logic input, which would be your output from the ecu

Now, that being said, i wish i could provide you with a diagram, but when i did it, i simply trace it all back to the ecu/powering to get the appropriate pins and never wrote it down =(. However, i do believe they have it scribed into the top of the connector on the coil itself?

Good luck, i hope that helped a bit

it indeed is written on top of the connector plug

Great, Thanks for the info. Nice to know this design is internal igniter, will make the wiring a bit simpler.

And yes you are right the pins are marked on top of the coil connector.

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