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SR20DET Replace VTC cam gear with ajustable cam gear

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My VCT gear has died and i´m not keeping it, because they are way too expensive and prone to fail and later i plan to install Tomei or Kelford Cams since i already have upgraded valve springs and retainers, so:

1) i´d like to know if i can replace it for an adjustable cam gear

2) Should i make adjustments (retard or advance) the cam or leave the ajustment to 0* ?

3) Should i buy S13 SR20DET Cams (non VCT) or S14 cams since they have different centerlines, IVO and IVC timings ?



Hi Paulo,

Previously when removing VCT from an S14 sr20, i have just installed S13 NVCT camshafts with adjustable gears and dialed them in.

This was 264' HKS s13 cams in an S14 SR20det, HKS cam gears dialed in to their recommended specifications.


1) you can replace it with a vernier pulley but you need a shorter bolt from a non-vct cam

2) set it to 0* initially but take it to a dyno and choose whether you want torque or top end and dial it in to suit.

3) if you're going down the line of changing cams I wouldn't bother with a standard set, just get your Tomei or Kelford ones.

Hi Cris250,

Thats what i did, installed hks adjustable cam gears, and set intake to 0*. As expected i lost low/mid end torque but thats the downside of losing VTC :(

The turbo is a Garrett G25-550 (.49 AR) and still i can get full boost at about 3500rpm. I wiil take it to a dyno soon to see how is the power curve, before installing new cams (maybe Tomei Poncams)

Does anyone on here know how to time the engine correctly after replacing the vct sprocket ? I set the exhaust sprocket dowel sprocket to 12 o’clock with dot on sprocket 9 links from head surface. Install the new vct sprocket with the dot on the sprocket 5 links from head surface but when I rotate the engine my marks always up a tooth out. It needs to go another tooth to the right. Any ideas ?

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