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Sr20ve idle air control valve

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Hi all from Australia.

Just been doing a bit of googling for an issue I had with my sr16ve not idling when cold and I realised it didn't have a idle air control valve. Ive now upgraded to a sr20 with the ve head and wonder if it's necessary or if there was a reason for not having it?

It's fitted with individual throttle bodies actuated by a cable. Not fly by wire. I don't quite understand how the air valves operate but I presume that it would need to be fly by wire to function, IE the ECU opens the throttle body to correct the idle.




the idle speed control isn't totally necessary but is a great thing to have it is used only on non-dbw cars, it is used to increase idle for cold starting and maintaining the target idle for the rest of the engine running it also works for ac and electrical load idle up. so from this, you can see the benefits of using it without it you will need to set the idle stop manually to allow cold idle and not be to open for warm idle. this can also be aided by using idle igniton that has one axis as temperature.

Regards Ross

Thanks for your reply Ross,

For non DBW set-ups, how does it valve control the idle? As in where is it hooked into?



It takes air from in front of the throttle and delivers it after the throttle. Unless you are desperate to save every last drop of fuel or absolutely have to have maximum closed throttle vacuum at high revs to initiate slides or similar, Bumping the throttle stop a bit so it initially idles slightly higher and then shaping an ignition well with stronger timing below target with retarded timing at and slightly above target idle speed should give you a stable warm idle which isn't loud with enough air to cold start and deal with electrical or mechanical idle loads. A lot cleaner on ITBs than a valve and hoses going everywhere.

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