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SR20VET choosing the correct IAT sensor

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Hi guys,

I am looking for IAT sensor with better response time for my SR20VET build. Please give advice on this.

Thanks in advance!

I went with this one on my build. This was a recommended sensor from my ECU manufacturer.


It's worth considering that in real terms the air temp post intercooler doesn't actually change 'that' fast so an ultra high speed sensor isn't really an essential. One of the sensors I often use is the Bosch 039 sensor which works well. The sensor that Brian has mentioned is great however it is a bit of a pain to mount vs a simple M12 x 1.5 threaded boss. If you really have your heart set on high speed then I'd consider one of the glass bead sensors that are available from the likes of T1 Race. Another advantage is that these are capable of measuring up to about 300 deg C making them suitable for compressor outlet - https://www.t1racedevelopment.com/product/t1-fast-at/

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