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Stalling at deceleration

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Hello guys/gals,

I am fairly new to the tuning community, but very into looking at the data that HP Tuner provides. With that being said, I am trying to troubleshoot a problem I am having with my 2012 CTSV 6spd. While decelerating, I often am stalling and have to restart the car. I thought it was potentially the alternator based on the big variances in voltage, but have replaced it and am still having the stalling issues. While driving 3/4 or WOT, the A/F shows sometimes lean and sometimes rich. That led me away from thinking the injectors were dirty. Any other ideas of what to look at? I have been thrown suggestions such as cam sensor and BCM failure. Attached is a log where there was vibration during ride and stalling at the end. Any help with where to look next would be super helpful. The log has pretty much all of the channels I could find, but let me know if more information would be helpful.

- Aaron

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That log file shows very poor control of the air fuel ratio and I'd say that most of your issues are probably centred around that. For a start, what modifications have been made to the vehicle from stock, and what changes have you made to the calibration so far? It seems like you've got a lot of latency in the closed loop fuelling which is resulting in the constant rich/lean swings during cruise.

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