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Stalling when comming to a stop.

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I have the problem that the engine stalls when coming to a stop, if sitting at idle I can "blip" the throttle and it comes back to idle fine ... only drops under target by 100 - 150 rpm then settles on target no problem. Can you point me in the right direction as to what to look at?

ECU = G4+ Thunder

I would try to press the clutch while coming to a stop ;-)

Serious can you post a photo of your idle settings and a datalog when it happens. Check the idle upp settings. I would try to zero them. They can have sometimes a negativ effect. There is also an idle up setting during drifing which moves the target up when wheelspeed is higher than x km/h

Thanks .... attached are the files you wanted.

The logged stalling event happens at 2:40

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Here are some points:

- Are the values in the base position table adjusted right? The values should be the same as what the closed loop system adjusting them to over some time in idle. Check idle position output parameter. ( i would setup a gauge on your screen)

- wheelspeed lockout of closed loop operation is quite low. Set it lower or to zero (CL is always active).

- The idle anti stall setting is quite high

- Ignition idle has quitr a big difference between 0 and +- 100rpm.

- Have you tuned mixture at lower rpm? I usually sett idle target rpm different and adjust fuel then.

- is overrun fuel cut setted up? If yes be sure that fuel is turned back on at least 800rpm higher than idle target. You can play arround with this function over turn it even of.

Sorry to get off topic. I just seen that your engine is an vq30dett on the link ecu forum. As you may have seen in the other thread, i have big troubless with such an engine missfires. What ignition system do you run, what spark plugs and at what power level are your engine?

Thanks for your reply ... I will check the things you have mentioned.

Re my setup ... Ignition system is factory but have a series 2 PTU fitted, spark plugs are Denso Iridium Power IK22. Power level prior to installing the G4+ Thunder ( previously had G4 Plugin installed ) was 490rwkw (660hp) have since fitted a "bigger" camshafts, injectors and also running WMI so am expecting to go close to 550rwkw.

Re my setup and your misfire .... forgot mention, ( was in a rush, too many things happening ) I have deleted the factory CAS and running a 24-1 crank trigger system.