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Standalone camshaft control (VVT)

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i am working on my first big project for years now and have run into a problem. The engine is a VW R32 engine, with cam adjusters. My ECU doesn't support it. Normally on 20vt engines from VW we just used an AUX port and that was controllable, but the R32 really needs a PWM signal.

Do you guys think there's a way of getting this to work without swapping ECU's?

What ECU are you using?

Unsure of any separate VVT controller although would be interested to hear if anyone else has seen/used one.

I personally would recommend having it all in one unit/ecu. Maybe the more expensive option, although potentially give a better result.

I have seen V-Tec standalone controllers, they intercept the signal from the ECU and can make the activation point earlier or later than the factory point, but they do not do any changes to the tune at the point of switching, so it can be pretty ugly when the cam switches.

As Chris sad, you will always get a much better result with an integrated system, as the position of the cams has such a major effect on the VE of the engine, and tuning the engine to operate properly whilst an external device is controlling the cams would be difficult.

I'm using a KMS MD35 ECU, it's the tuners choice.

We thought the camshaft adjusters just needed an on/off signal, and for the exhaust cam this works but not for the intake, the difference is to big so we need a PWM signal.

I've found something like VVTuner but there's a problem with the crank signal, my tuner said it is different.

Find a different ecu, tuner or both. No need to complicate things when there's plenty of ecus out there that can do this.

I honestly think you will struggle to find anything that will control a vvti solenoid via a PWM signal while using crank and cam position. Also allow it to go into a fault mode if something fails (like a sensor) and send that fault to the ECU as the ECU will have no idea what is going on.

I would suggest changing the ECU or not using the VVTI

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