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Standalone ECU on a daily drive

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Hi Andre/Ben,

I’m Uday a motorsport mechanic and enthusiast from India.

I’m doing your course and almost towards finishing it. I’m very keen to start tuning on my own. I had a doubt which I was hoping to get a clarity from you about. I was looking to put in a Haltech in cars like the Skoda Laura TSI 1.8 and the polo GT TSI. I wanted to know how do I run a Haltech in these cars with all other systems also completely working like headlamps/air-conditioner etc. how would you recommend doing that? I have seen someone doing tapping on to the OEM wiring itself. Is there another way to do the same?

Complete standalone on a daily drive car?

Awaiting your response.

Thank you for your time.

Best always


Haltech dont make a GDI ecu and they dont have any CAN integration for the VAG cars either, so I think you can rule that out early. You wont find many standalone options for those cars/engines. I suspect reflashing of the OEM ecu will probably be the most appropriate tuning option for these models.

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