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Standalone ECU options to utilise a MAF sensor

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Hello all,

I'm looking to add a standalone ECU to a standard 1993 Mercedes W124 220E with the M111.960 engine. This engine has a MAF sensor and I wondering what my options are in terms of ECUs to use MAF over MAP.

The way I see it I have the following options:

- Use an ECU that can utilise the MAF

- Retrofit a MAP sensor

- Undertake some software trickery on the ECU to read the MAF

Thanks in advance.


almost all modern ecu will have MAF and MAP.

if i where you to make it simple, i'll switch to MAP, 2min job [=

You can use the MAF but honestly what is the point?

Just use the MAP unless you want a more complex load calculation.

I often see factory ECUs which switch from the MAF at an RPM point to the MAP. They do it from emissions.

With the 960 do you even need a MAP? You could run it Alpha N

Off topic, haven't worked on an M111 in years. I had an apprentice that did an exhaust gasket and dropped a bolt in to the inlet next to it. put me off them lol

I've used MAF on Link ECU. Once in a while you run across an application where it makes sense to do so.

That said, as the others mentioned switching to a speed density model is certainly the more common path when installing a standalone ECU, and there's likely a reasonable way you can fit a MAP sensor to that engine.

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