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Standard injector specs

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I am having trouble find a definitive answer of what the standard injector specs are for my rb25det neo engine.. I am finding various numbers on the internet ranging from 330cc to 380cc and the same with the latency/dead time.. can you help as I need to scale for my new injectors as my apexi pfc uses the standard injectors as the base figures..


I think you'll struggle to find a definitive answer for this as a lot of it comes down to what fuel pressure the injectors were tested at. What are you trying to do here though? Are you tuning a stock RB25 on a PFC or are you swapping RB25 injectors into something else that's running on a PFC? If it's a stock RB25 then you can initialise the map and the stock values will be restored for the injector size and latency.

As far as I'm aware the stock RB25 injectors are around 370 cc/min but I don't have latency data sorry.

also, power fc is kind of wonky with lag times. Actually entering lag times into the table often doesn't work as well as using the lag offset setting explained in the manual.


i have put larger injectors into my rb25det neo. So need to scale up from the original size to the new ones.. and yer looks like I will just have to take an educated guess at both..

is there some tests or ways I can figure out if I have got it right using the pfc? I am using datalogic..

I have a table for my new injectors for battery compensation.. I will attach it below..

what voltage range should I use for my compensation 12v or 14v figure?

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It’s ok I have now found all the info I need..

thanks for help..

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