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Start immediate button on 86 with M150 plug in

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I cant make start immediate feomm off position happen ..

Anyone help me

Brake switch state is on communicating through CAN BUS 2

But i cant get the car cranking from off position.

It takes me to the ign on mode.. with all the cluster is on.

Then i have to pres the button one more time.. and it cranking.

Help pls

Why is that not acceptable?

Do you mean immediate request state on the motec are just for accesory or i missunderstand what you saying ?

This is simply how the M150 package operates on the 86. it's just slightly different to how the button functions in stock form.

I think so. But i will try to make it work in the future.

Is your 86 also cant start from off position.

Cos.. nathan from motec says it should work like stock.

Only on my car it did not.

Makes me sad

I wonder if its because you have the Brake Switch Resource defined as Firmware 13, on the AT 2019 update v5 -- I see that they put Firmware 13 on the Cruise Exit Switch.

What does the channel "Start Immediate" and "Start Request" show when the ECU is powered up with the Start Button depressed? You may need to use an All Calibrate worksheet to search for "Toyota Start" to show those channels.

david here are my latest log

ive tried to cruise off and put firmware 13 as brake switch still not fix the problem

even without firmware 13 assign to brake switch, the toyota 86 can on v5 already reads the brake switch state

i log all the info

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No one can share how they start button working like stock or not ?

I think your car may not be wired to have the MoTeC controlling the starter. The Start Request channel never changes in the log you provided -- an yet, the engine started!

The harness is plug in from motec. Should i alter it ?


The Log doesn't show it as the logging doesn't start in that log file until Engine Speed is seen.

Hello dean..

I turn out using a wrong logging...

Here is the logging from what nathan is set it up

It shows button request but immediate is always off

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