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I have a 2011 camaro with the l99. I just did a dod delete and a cam swap. I have it idling ok and drivers well for the most part. except when cursing in the lower rpm range. Sometimes it will feel like a one off random miss and other times i can feel what feels like the cam lope between 25 to 45 mph at a steady cruise speed if i give it any throttle it goes away. This is my first camed ls engine and haven't driven a camed car in years lol. what should i be looking for or is this normal. fuel looks good no knock does it with ac on or off. here are the cam specs if that helps. 225/238 612/586 113+6its a BTR stage 2 vvt cam. wide open car runs like a beast just trying to get the driveability a little smoother.

i suggest you send a copy of the tune with a supporting log to help people to reply to me it sounds possibly lean but without a log it is just a guess

Reards Ross

its half to 3 percent rich in the cruise areas. could it be because its running on the maf only at the moment