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Steam running methonal?

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I currently drive a 1974 Monte Carlo drift car.


Forged 350, 041 heads, summit race cam

Carb is Holley 750 double pumper set up for methanol

For most of the events I've been to, we have ran a lamba of .650 which is very rich from my understanding but no steam. I believe .750 is better target for a N/A engine. We leaned out the carb two jet sizes and got to .690 lamba but now we have a constant steam blow by. Is there a relationship between steam by blow and lamba?

**Didn't realize I had spelled methanol wrong till after posting it, doesn't seem I can fix it now🙃

I'm actually not quite sure what you're referencing with 'steam blow by'? 0.65 is exceptionally rich for an N/A methanol engine. I'm normally around 0.75 or even 0.80 on the N/A engines I've tuned on methanol. If you're referring to blow by that you're noticing out of the breather then this shouldn't have any relationship to your AFR target.

Thank you for the super quick answer. I now believe the blow by is created from a broken piston ring.

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