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Still Learning - Bought a MoTeC M142 - Which Course should I buy next?

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Hello, I've bought a MoTeC GPRDI-M142 for my vehicle (which comes with a Plug & Play harness and a Base Map) with the intent of tuning it myself while using the knowledge I've gathered here. I was going to hold off on this until later when I felt more confident, but a great deal came through so I've been cracking down on studying.

So far most of the information that I've seen throughout these courses has been for traditional port injected vehicles and most videos seem to use VE-based fuel tables; However with that being said I know that my vehicle's fuel is currently tuned (OEM) through Injector Pulse Width which I haven't really learned anything about. I'm curious where I can go to better familiarize myself with direct-injection tuning, specifically ones running on the MoTeC platform.

The only information about Direct-Injection that I've found so far has been in the "Introduction to Engine Tuning" course and it was only a 4 minute explanation about what Direct-Injection is.

I know that I'm nowhere near ready to start tinkering with my new ECU, but I'd like to build that knowledge over the coming months.

Hi Christian,

What engine are you using this on?

The GPR-DI Firmware uses VE for tuning, so learning about how this works will be relevant to your tuning of the engine. Once the Direct Injection basics are setup in the M1, the actual tuning process is almost the same as that for a Port Injected engine. The main difference is that you also have the Direct Injection Pressure as a tuning tool as well.

Hello @BlackRex this is most ensuring to hear! I have been studying really hard, but finding information about DI has been difficult. The M1 comes with a base-map for our cars that handles all of the basics, but I wasn't sure what I would need to learn to adjust those. (From a company called PowerTune in Australia)

The platform that I'm working with is this Hyundai/Kia 3.3T Lambda-2 found in the Genesis G70 and Kia Stinger.

I'm currently on OEM ECU running E85 (with a 7th injector in the charge-pipe to help with fuel demand). I have an Upgraded HPFP, Ported Upper/Lower Intake manifolds, Intake plenum spacer, overbore throttlebody, and oversized intercooler cold/hot side piping.

The largest concerns I have are regarding the upgraded Charge-Pipe Injection, HPFP and the E85. I'm considering returning to the stock Fuel Pump and 93-Octane to get the VE dialed in correctly and then perhaps seek the help of a more experienced tuner for the fueling. I'm doing my best to keep myself as up to date as possible and always looking for pointers in the right direction.

Thanks for you response. I do not have experience with the MoTeC software yet, but I will be going through it soon.


Unless you are exclusively using E85, i would start tuning on 93 Octane and then once the fuel and ignition timing is done on the 93, enable the Alternative Fuel functionality and use this to tune the engine on E85. Once the engine is tuned on 93, the Engine Efficiency Main table will not need to be changed as the M1 accommodates the different properties of the fuels through the Fuel Properties parameters.

Have a look at the M1 Flex Fuel Setup guide for more information.

The HPFP settings should be correct from Powertune and not need any changes.

Powertune are required to provide support for this Package as it is a Partner Package that they have written.

@BlackRex the HPFP that I use is aftermarket with 80% increased flow which is why I mentioned it may not be configured properly out of the box. Thanks for the link I’ll be going through that tonight.

if there’s any other modules you recommend I’m all ears; I’m very excited to learn about this type of stuff.

Is the increase in displacement of the pump done through a combination of increased bore and stroke, or just bore? You will need to change the Fuel Pressure Direct Bank 1 Pump Displacement value to match the new pumps displacement as a minimum, and you may also need to change the delivery angles if there is a greater stroke.

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