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I have 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero, 2.8L High Feature engine turbocharged, Bosch E55 ECM, 6-speed manual.

What parameters are changed to increase HP when all components are stock?

Serveral websites claim 40+ HP increase by "tunning alone". I imagine that Saab/GM already has the AFR and timing very well tunned.

Most 'stage 1' tunes are just cramming more boost in, pulling a little timing, and adding a little fuel. Potentially remapping the factory boost curve so it might 'feel' faster though may or may not be.

Thanks M:EP,

I resently purchased HPtunners software and there is no boost tables. I assume that for my car the boost is controlled from the Torque Management Tables. Please correct me if im wrong.

Next week I plan to conduct some trial and error road tunning.

Can you post screenshots of the tables?

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