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Subaru CAN BUS IDs

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I have a canbus patch for my ECU into a Subaru computer to get things like VSS, brake, tach, etc. However I don't know the CAN BUS ID for the clutch switch. There are two clutch switches generally but I don't know how to get the ID for these. Can anyone help me out with this?

As a reference here is some of the information I found on CAN BUS IDs on github: https://github.com/afreiday/2016-wrx-can-ids

tnx mates

you will have to figure it out. press the clutch in and see if any of the raw CAN signals change. It's also possible that the clutch switch isn't on the bus at all.

I don't know Subarus, but if there are two clutch switches like on the German cars I am used to, one is for the cruise control and the other is for the starter interlock switch.

The cruise control switch will be engaged with the slightest push on the clutch pedal, whereas the starter interlock switch generally requires the clutch pedal to be almost all the way to the floor. Try different combinations and see if anything changes.

I have this page bookmarked for the next time I need to look at Suburu CAN stuff. Might be useful to you (reports Clutch Switch on 0x600) ...


I appreciate that David, I will give it a look soon and report back.

Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but I am on a similar hunt for Subaru CAN Bus info/mapping. The link provided above:

https://subdiesel.wordpress.com/ecu-analysis/can-messages , no longer works. Any idea where it went or if anyone had that info offline by chance?

Thanks in advance!

Try the Internet Wayback machine!


Last Update to that page was Dec 20, 2015:


Thank you David.

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