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Subaru EJ20 Ignition Timing

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Crossposting this over here since I haven't gotten any replies in the Road Tuning Fundamentals forum, maybe that wasn't the right place :)

I bought a 2002 WRX rally car with a pretty ancient Autronic standalone. It was mapped for an unknown fuel, and currently runs quite rich. I'd like to try road tuning it but before I get going I'd like to get some opinions on the ignition map and how aggressive it looks for this engine. If it's conservative I will probably dig in with the Autronic's autotune function (just handles fuel). If it looks suspect I will try to get the car to a dyno sooner. The engine is as far as I know fairly stock (possibly aftermarket rods) and running about 18 lbs of boost. I don't have easy access to a dyno so I'm really hoping this ignition map looks close. The map spanned multiple screens so please excuse the two images. Thanks very much!

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Hi Nathan, it's hard to give you really solid feedback on the ignition timing as there are so many factors that can influence if that is safe or not. From my own experience I'd say those timing numbers are probably pretty much where i'd expect them to be however I'd always recommend that you monitor for knock while tuning. Unless you're on E85 or another quality fuel you're almost certainly going to be knock limited.