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so new to this game kind of i have installed a ps2000 into a 1999 wrx gc8 with minimal mods

here's low low down its a rally car no restrictor.

stock 205 with a vf34 with 15 psi wg

stock injectors

car has a custom very well built exhaust 3 inch

ive got the fueling down pat no issues there but over 4500 rpm i get a increase of boost from say 10 to boost cut 20 psi

i cant control the boost ive linked just the wg so there is no ebc we have checked cam timing marks etc thats ll spot on

when removing timing it does make it some what better but once over 5k the boost creeps in i can also make 15 psi wile free reving it ....defq?

i do have a dyno so can reproduce this time and time again but for the life of me cant work this one out.

ive even ported the wg still same issues

ive used the ps2000 base map as a starring point but really lost..

yes all the antilag / launch control etc is turned off

any help would be great thank

Could it have anything to do with this ?

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Sounds like sticking actuator or retarded timing or both.

Have you confirmed it actually moves on the dyno?

Yes wg is operating I will go and check all basics tomorrow on a fresh head make sure its nothing obvious

Running around 20 degrees at 4-5000 rpm

problem solved the base timing was out throwing all my tables out above 3000rpm 0-3000 was ok above was out by 12 degrease advance i should have checked this i did check it at idle not at rpm with timing locked . ive learned now.

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