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Subaru GTT stock injectors

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I'm new to the tuning world, but I've been following the courses and I'm getting ready to start up my Subaru GTT for the first time with a Link G4+ plugin ECU. But this ECU doesn't have a base map for the GTT, only for the WRX and the STI, which probably have different stock injectors then my GTT.

So I'm trying to find the stock injector sizing and deadtime to setup the ECU. However I don't know where to look for it, google is very unsuccesfull in producing any results other than aftermarket injectors.

I will probably upgrade the stock injectors at some point, but at this time I just want to get the stock engine running with the Link ECU. So if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I don't think "GTT" is a common acronym used in English speaking countries. What year is the vehicle? What engine is in it - EJ20G? EJ20K ? EJ205 ? The information probably exists it's just called something else. Did you try looking at NASIOC forums?


Thanks for the reply, GTT is the actual model name of the car, it's a MY1998. I believe it's a European model only though. It's a EJ20G engine, but slightly downtuned at 215 HP instead of the 250-260 hp's of a WRX so what I was wondering if anyone knows if the injectors are the same as the WRX or not. I can't find any info about it, but I'll try and find it on the European Subaru forums.

I checked NASIOC, but they seem to have info about the American models and a few JDM models only. So they are not much help sadly.

The car is running though so I don't think the value's of the WRX base map are that bad, but I'd rather be certain then just guessing... The fuel map however is not usable for my car at all so that needs retuning.

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